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Language Translation services provided by HnD in following areas:
Website localization: Website localization itself can achieve 80% of the world’s GDP producers. It is a process of creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages is both simple and cost effective.
Legal Translation: Legal purposes documents are generally submitted in the official language and It uses content and terms within the legal system prevailing in the country where the source document originated. So we need a legal translation which is a translation of texts within the field of law.
Software localization: Software localization is the process of software product adapting interface with the help of linguists and translators, which are the cultural and technical requirements of a target market.
Medical Translation: In Medical translation we need a thorough reading of the original text, analysis, research, editing and proofreading, translation of technical, regulatory, marketing documentation, clinical, healthcare fields and medical device.
Financial Translation: Financial Translation requires the utmost attention and expertise to ensure accuracy. It needs good financial translation agencies and linguist’s because finance is a highly competitive field in which precision and consistency are paramount.
Technical Translation: Technical translation involves translation of documents, manuals, user guides produced by technical writers. It needs a thorough research on the specific techniques.
Market Research Translation: Market Research translation includes translation of briefing notes, transcripts, questionnaires, discussion guides, stimulus materials and research reports.
Document and Text Translation services provided byHnDin following areas:
At HnD, we have a team of experienced translators who help us translate all types of documents, including, but not limited to: 
Medical Document, Financial Document, Legal Document, Academic Document, Personal Document, Corporate Materials, Manuals, Books, etc.
At HnD, we can translate documents and texts into any file format. Supported file formats for translation of documents and text:
Only native translators or bilingual translators having native level proficiency
Domain-Specific translation
Time- bound delivery of projects
Competitive price advantage to clients
Translation in over 250 languages across the globe

#2 Transcription
HnD, a language service provider and a transcription company in India provides transcription services in all Indian regional and several foreign languages.

Transcription Services at HnD
Market Research transcription services (Focus groups, Interviews- Face to face, telephonic etc.)
Academic transcription services (lectures, seminars, research, academic interviews, dissertation, thesis etc)
Legal transcription services (depositions, hearings)
Medical Transcription services (patient records, medical conferences etc.)
Media Transcription services (scripts, journalistic interviews, subtitling, captioning, etc.)

Transcription file formats supported by LC
Digital Audio Files (MP3, MP4, Real Player, WAV, WMA,
Analogs (cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos)

Verbatim transcription and translation service by HnD
An expert linguist fromHnDdoing verbatim foreign language transcription captures all of the spoken words including fillers, “ah”, “uh” and “umm”, throat clearing and incomplete sentences. It also includes pauses, laughter, and other sounds, which are expected parts of spoken language. A linguist usually takes more time to transcribe this type of text. However, it is a valuable time for job interviews, police investigations and court cases where behavior and reactions of the person being questioned is equally important as the spoken words and translation.
Astute verbatim transcription and translation service by HnD
Astute verbatim transcription and translation service omits all “uh”, “ums”, laughter, and pauses. Some slight editing to correct sentences and grammar is introduced and linguists have the freedom to eliminate words and sentences that are not relevant to the subject matter. Astute verbatim transcription offers best value to client where time and money are a constraint.
HnDemploys experienced linguists to work on your project and has an established record in delivering work with high standards of accuracy and efficiency.



#3 Legal Translation Services
Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. Usually, these texts relate to Certificates of accuracy, Witness statements, Depositions of Trust, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents, Intellectual Property Rights etc. only. While translating a legal text, a translator should keep in mind that the legal content of the source text is structured in a way that suits that culture and this is reflected in that legal language; similarly the target text is to be read by someone who is familiar with his culture- specific legal system.
Legal Document Translation Services at HnD
Extensive legal document translation services for international litigation, patents, anti- trust matters, mergers and acquisitions, arbitrations etc.
We offer cost effective solutions for translating only relevant documents
Our linguists have extensive experience with large complex cases
We provide a legal specific project management team
We have a pool of experienced certified translators

Legal Translation Options at HnD
HnDoffers a range of legal translation options to help clients achieve the most cost effective and efficient approach to their translation projects. Our services include
Full, Certifiable translations- These are translations which take the longest turnaround and undergo extensive and thorough translating, editing and proofreading by different qualified legal document translators to ensure the delivered document meets the rigorous expectations of client.
Summary Translations- these include a brief summary of the content (a few sentences) when you need an overview of the document on shorter turnaround time. This is also a time- and cost- effective way to cull large volumes of documents and identify those that need full translation

Why chooseHnDfor your legal translation requirements
HnDworks in legal translation with “sworn translators” or “certified translators” from all over the world who understand fragile and cultural orientations in international business relationships. They are qualified to use their legal expertise to translate your documents in compliance with local regulatory bodies. This reduces mis-translation of documents and prevents occurrences of related lawsuits and loss of money.
HnD Translations offers customized solutions in translation, language recruitment, transcription services, interpretation services, language corporate training, subtitling, voice-over, dubbing and other language related services. We are heavily invested in today’s top language professionals and the very latest linguistic software platforms available in the industry. This seamless integration of Lingual Consultancy’s human and technological assets is what gives our clients the best value for their investment anywhere in the marketplace. We take pride in being positively rated by our collaborators for accuracy and authenticity of assigned projects. We believe in highest level of integrity, passion and commitment as pillars of sustainable growth. We employ only experienced and reliable resources for we value the trust of our clients.HnDbelieves in both quality and cost – benefits to our associates.


#4 Subtitling

We are committed to offering a competitive and comprehensive subtitling service to go exactly with your demand and pricing limits. Subtitling service at HnDare supported by our multilingual translation capabilities, deep cultural understanding, technical expertise and years of project management experience.
Our work focuses on the needs of text localization companies, translation agencies, video production houses, e-learning production companies and other stakeholders in the field of video subtitling. We also deal with end-clients directly to make their targets reach to the desired audience in a fashionable manner.
Our team of highly professional linguists always strive to high-quality outputs to our prestigious clients. We also ensure that the subtitling is done by translators whose native language is the same as target language. These are some of the salient features of our team which makes us one of the best subtitling companies in India.

Subtitle Translation Formats

Subtitling services at HnD include originals preparation, transcription files creation, videos time coding, content localization, video translation and subtitle file generation. We can process your request directly from video whether you need only time coded captioning of your video or you need original caption file plus translated subtitle file and we can provide your subtitle in your desired output.
We are capable of handling most of the relatively new formats required for captioning and subtitling. We can produce and deal with SRT, TXT and normal XML files. We can deal with HTML videos, MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI and WMV.

Subtitle Translation Languages

Our decade long experience in translation industry has established a reputation of trust and quality for producing media content in Indian and foreign languages. Besides being passionate about working in languages with complex scripts like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean; we can efficiently handle right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Urdu and Farsi (Persian). We have experienced teams to handle captioning & subtitling projects in several Indian regional and foreign languages
Rates of Captioning & Subtitling Services
Our rates vary depending on the factors that affects the cost of subtitling - which may include:

  • Subtitle output format
  • Service required
  • Nature of video
  • Dialogue delivery speed
  • The source & target language
  • Subject of video
  • Volume of the project
  • Other specific factors

All these factors are taken into account and then the overall budget is decided. Our consultants from the subtitling team will look into your project requirements and will provide you the best solution which is very cost effective and fulfills all your expectations.


#5 Data Entry
We provide Data Entry services across several languages in the following fields –

Date Entry Services Categories